Proceedings of the 14th International Reflectometry Workshop
for Fusion Plasma Diagnostics (IRW14)

22nd - 24th May 2019

Swiss Plasma Center
Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne

Organised in co-operation with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)

These proceedings have been prepared from author supplied manuscripts with internal review. All rights reserved.

Suitable format for citing papers:
    Proc. 14th Intl. Reflectometry Wksh. - IRW14 (Lausanne, May 2019)
    Edited by: G.D.Conway (IPP, Garching)
    Published online: 15 Oct. 2019.

Individual papers (in colour) are available below. All files are in PDF format with file size shown in brackets  

i-xii Proceedings - inclusive   (3386kB)
i-iii Title pages  (688kB)
iv Contents  (127kB)
vii Editorial  (70kB) - G.D.Conway
ix Workshop participants  (49kB)
xi Workshop agenda  (71kB)
O.101 AWG-driven short pulse reflectometer diagnostic in the TCV tokamak  (753kB)
P.A.Molina-Cabrera, S.Coda, L.Porte, A.Smolders, N.Offenddu, P.Lavanchy, M.Silva, M.Toussaint, and TCV team
O.102 Recent status of the electron density profile and fluctuation reflectometry systems on EAST tokamak  (1052kB)
Y.M.Wang, T.Zhang, F.Wen, H.M.Xiang, K.N.Geng, G.S.Li, M.F.Wu, K.X.Ye, F.B.Zhong, J.Huang, X.Han, S.B.Zhang, X.Gao and EAST team
O.103 1 microsec broadband frequency sweeping reflectometry for plasma density and fluctuation profile measurements  (1198kB)
F.Clairet, C.Bottereau, A.Medvedeva, D.Molina, G.D.Conway, U.Stroth, ASDEX Upgrade team, Tore Supra team and EURO fusion MST1 team
O.104 Development of the synthetic diagnostic for the ultra-fast swept reflectometer  (2115kB)
A.Medvedeva, C.Bottereau, F.Clairet, R.Marcille, S.Hacquin, G.Dif-Pradalier, G.D.Conway, U.Stroth, S.Heuraux, D.molina, A.Silva and ASDEX Upgrade team
O.105 The reconstruction of hollow areas in the density profiles from frequency-swept reflectometry  (619kB)
R.B.Morales, S.Heuraux, R.Sabot, S.Hacquin, F.Clairet and Tore Supra team
O.107 Precise density profile reconstruction of FMCW reflectometer  (7521kB)
O.108 Development of a dual band X-mode reflectometer for the density profile measurement at the ICRF antenna in W7-X  (1290kB)
X.Han, A.Kramer-Flecken, J.Ongena, O.Neubauer, B.Schweer, Y.Liang, D.Hartmann, P.Kallmeyer, Y.O.Kazakov and W7-X team
O.111 In-port-plug transmission line design of the ITER plasma position reflectometer  (2252kB)
J.Martinez-Fernandex, A.Cappa, T.Estra, la Luna, E.J.Blanco
O.113 Design overview and performance assessment of the low-field-side reflectometer for ITER  (2134kB)
C.M.Muscatello, C.Anderson, J.Anderson, A.Basile, R.L.Boivin, M.Duco, D.K.Finkenthal, A.Gattuso, J.Klabacha, G.J.Kramer, M.LeSher, L.Meneses, G.H.Neilson, R.O'Neill, W.A.Peebles, R.Seraydarian, M.Sibilia, P.Sichta, D.Sieving, A.Sirinelli, G.Wang, W.Wang, A.Zolfaghar
O.116 Full-Wave simulations of the enhanced Upper-Hybrid Resonance Scattering  (1245kB)
S.Heuraux, O.Krutkin, E.Gusakov, F.da Silva
O.201 Impact of plasma edge and scrape-off-layer turbulence on conventional O-mode reflectometry investigated with REFMUL and GEMR codes  (714kB)
J.Vicente, F.da Silva, T.Ribeiro, S.Heuraux, G.D.Conway, B.Scott and C.Silva
O.202 Doppler back-scattering diagnostic in the TCV tokamak   (938kB)
P.A.Molina-Cabrera, S.Coda, L.Porte, A.Smolders, N.Offeddu, P.Lavanchy, M.Silva, M.Toussaint and TCV team
0.203 Dual-comb microwave Doppler reflectometer system in LHD and feasibility study for a JT-60SA Doppler reflectometer   (2341kB)
T.Tokuzawa, S.Inagaki, A.Ejiri, H.Idei, R.Imazawa, N.Oyama, M.Yoshida, K.Tanaka, H.Tsuchiya, K.Ida, K.Y.Watanabe and H.Yamada
O.204 Development of quasi-optical system for the Doppler backscattering reflectometer on MAST-U  (1200kB)
Z.B.Shi, J.Wen, B.Wang, Z.C.Yang, W.L.Zhong, J.C. Hillesheim, S.Freethy, M.Jiang, P.W.Shi, K.R.Fang, Z.T.Liu and Min Xu
O.206 Dual-polarisation broadband sinuous antenna and microstrip power design for the Synthetic Aperture Microwave Imager-2 diagnostic  (4963kB)
J.O.Allen, C.H.Vincent, F.J.Hambly, S.J.Bale, R.G.L.Vann
O.207 W-band Doppler reflectometry at Wendelstein 7-X: Diagnostic setup and initial results  (4246kB)
T.Windisch, H.M.Smith, J.A.Alcuson, C.Lechte, M.Beurskens, S.A.Bozhenkov, D.Carralero, H.Damm, T.Estrada, G.Fuchert, O.Grulke1, M.Hirsch, W.Kasparek, A.Langenberg, N.A.Pablant, B.Plaum, E.R.Scott, G.Weir and W7X-team
O.208 First V-band Doppler reflectometer results from the OP1.2b campaign in Wendelstein 7-X  (1660kB)
D.Carralero, T.Estrada, T.Windisch, J.L.Velasco, J.A.Alonso, M.Beurskens, S.Bozhenkov, H.Damm, G.Fuchert, N.Pablant, E.Pasch, G.Weir and the Wendelstein 7-X team
O.211 Validation of full-f global gyrokinteic modelling results against the FT-2 tokamak Doppler relectometry data using different synthetic diagnsotics in numerical simulations  (699kB)
E.Z.Gusakov, A.B.Altukhov, A.D.Gurchenko, S.Heuraux, M.A.Irzak, L.A.Esipov, T.P.Kiviniemi, O.L.Krutkin, C.Lechte, S.Leerink, P.Niskala, G.Zadvitskiy
O.212 Full wave modelling of Doppler backscattering from filaments   (820kB)
V.V.Bulanin, E.Gusakov, S.Heuraux, A.Petrov, N.Teplova, A.Yashin, G.Zadvitskiy, F.da Silva and Globus-M team
O.213 Recent progress in modelling the resolution and localization of Doppler reflectometry measurements   (1084kB)
G.D.Conway, C.Lechte, E.Poli, O.Maj and the ASDEX Upgrade Team
O.214 Fullwave Doppler reflectometry simulations for turbulence spectra using GENE and IPF-FD3D  (1689kB)
C.Lechte, G.D.Conway, T.Gorler, T.Happel and ASDEX Upgrade Team
O.303 Turbulence k-perp spectrum and perpendicular plasma flow asymmetries measured using Doppler reflectometry at TJ-II plasmas  (1081kB)
T.Estrada, E.Sanchez, J.M.Garcia-Reganna, E.Ascasibar, A.Cappa, D.Carralero, C.Hidalgo, M.Liniers, J.Martnez-Fernandez, I.Pastor, J.L.Velasco and TJ-II team
O.304 Study of poloidal asymmetries in the flow perpendicular to the magnetic field of the ASDEX Upgrade tokamak  (1095kB)
K.Hoefler, T.Happel, P.Hennequin, R.Dux, R.M.McDermott, E.Trier, U.Stroth and ASDEX Upgrade Team
O.305 Measurements of the density-temperature cross-phase angle of turbulent flctuations at ASDEX-Upgrade and comparison to theory   (653kB)
S.J.Freethy, C.Lechte, P.Rodriguez-Fernandez, E.Fable, T.Gorler, G.D.Conway, A.C.Creely, T.Happel, P.Hennequin, A.E.White and ASDEX Upgrade team
O.307 Effect of the quasi-coherent mode on the intrinsic rotation of ohmic plasmas in KSTAR  (1801kB)
W.Lee, D.J.Lee, J.M.kwon, H.K.Park and KSTAR team
O.308 Comparison of poloidal correlation reflectometry measurements in W7-X and ASDEX Upgrade plasmas  (2178kB)
E.Trier, A.Kramer-Flecken, G.D.Conway, T.Windisch, D.Prisiazhniuk, U.Stroth, the ASDEX Upgrade and W7-X teams
O.310 Effects of the magnetic topology on turbulence in the SOL and plasma edge of W7-X  (1410kB)
A.Kraemer-Flecken, G.Anda, D.Dunai, G.Fuchert, J.Geiger, O.Grulke, X.Han, M.Otte, E.Trier, M.Vecsei, T.Windisch, S.Zoletnik and W7-X team

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