Help for Logging into the AUG Intranet

(Status: January 2024)

To access the ASDEX Upgrade Intranet ( remotely (outside the IPP and not using VPN), you will need your user ID, password and OTP token if applicable.
Use your IPP credentials, not those from MPCDF.

Note for external collaborators, who have not worked here for some time:

In mid-2023, IPP's user management was separated from MPCDF's, so you now have two accounts. Although the username is the same for both accounts (in most cases), you will probably have different passwords for them. The OTP tokens are also different for the two accounts.

In almost all cases, you will now need to use your IPP account. (The MPDFC account is only used for dedicated MPCDF services, such as datashare, the obsolete AFS filesystem, and access to the MPCDF gate hosts).

If you were up to now not aware of these two separate accounts, or did not change your IPP password since September 2023, you will not be able to access your IPP account due to an outdated password.
Your IPP account may even be inactive, if your (formal) contract with IPP has ended in the meantime.

You should therefore first check with your local IPP contact to see if your contract and account are still active. If not, your local contact person will need to complete a 'directorate application' to revive your account.

(For WPTE activities, you local contact is Marion Berger, e-mail sekmst<at>

If you have an active account, you should contact the help desk of IPP at and ask for a new password.
Simultaneously, you should also ask for

Getting more help

If you still cannot login, contact the IPP help desk at (within IPP or via VPN) or (remotely)
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